Molecular Simulations for Improved Process Modeling of an Acid Gas Removal Unit  Marianna Yiannourakou, Xavier Rozanska, Benoit Minisini, Frédérick de Meyer

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Machine Learning for Metallurgy: A Neural-Network Potential for Zirconium

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LAMMPS - a flexible simulation tool for particle-based materials modeling at the atomic, meso, and continuum scales

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A closed-host bi-layer dense/porous solid electrolyte interphase for enhanced lithium-metal anode stability

Exploration of in-situ formed MoSx catalyst for co-hydrodeoxygenation of sawdust and vacuum gas oil in pilot-scale plant

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Engineering interfacial coupling between Mo2C nanosheets and Co@ NC polyhedron for boosting electrocatalytic water splitting and zinc-air batteries

Identifying electrocatalytic activity and mechanism of Ce1/3NbO3 perovskite

Giant Red‐Shifted Emission in (Sr, Ba) Y2O4: Eu2+ Phosphor Toward Broadband Near‐Infrared Luminescence

Interfacial Charge Transfer between Silver Phosphate and W2N3 Induced by Nitrogen Vacancies Enhances Removal of β‐Lactam Antibiotics

Superhierarchical Inorganic/Organic Nanocomposites Exhibiting Simultaneous Ultrahigh Dielectric Energy Density and High Efficiency

Molybdenum Dioxide Nanoparticles Anchored on Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Nanotubes as Oxidative 

Desulfurization Catalysts: Role of Electron Transfer in Activity and Reusability

Carbon fiber synthesis from pitch: Insights from ReaxFF based molecular dynamics simulations

Structural study and evaluation of thermoelectric properties of single-phase isocubanite (CuFe2S3) synthesized via an ultra-fast efficient microwave radiation technique

First principles computation of composition dependent elastic constants of omega in titanium alloys: implications on mechanical behavior


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